Our Team


Chase-Anderson-SEOChase Anderson
As the Online Operations Director, Chase is an evangelist for online marketing. His obsessions often focus on challenges our industry faces and his posts reflect his debate with some of the most well-known myths we find in marketing.


Austin-Faux-SEOAustin Faux
Austin discovered SEO on accident when he was trying to figure out how to get more people to listen to his podcast, called IamASuperNerd. He became more obsessed with SEO than he did with creating the actual podcasts.



Justin CoonsJustin Coons
Justin traded in his career as a sportswriter for the predictability & sensible hours of online marketing. He has 5 years experience in social media, managing brand pages in online retail & playing devil’s advocate with his friends’ parents on Facebook.



Wesley-PPCWesley Hearn
Wes earned his position as PPC manager after managing millions of dollars of PPC spend with some of the biggest names in Internet retail.


jeff-stuart-clicks-and-clientsJeff Stuart
Jeff moved Denver looking for coffee & pints. Along the way, he discovered PPC & wants to become an industry guru. He enjoys complaining about the auto industry’s abandonment of the manual transmission as well as perfecting his “disappearing beer” magic trick.



Curtis-Sveinsson-Clicks-and-ClientsCurtis Sveinsson
Curtis loves everything marketing which prompted him to get his business degree at the University of Colorado. He specializes in social media paid advertising. Enjoys working out, running and football.



Founder and CEO

Paul-Rakovich-SEOPaul Rakovich
Assembler of teams. Foodie. Thought leader. Paul makes sure all the cogs are aligned, and the agency machine runs silky-smooth.

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