SEOHow Small Businesses Can Use SEO To Compete With Big Brands

The Details

Can small businesses compete with big brands when it comes to SEO? Google strives to be equal
opportunity in its rankings, but the fact remains that larger companies have greater resources, own
higher authority domains and receive more mentions in the press.

Lacking similar resources, is search engine optimization worth the time and effort for a small

This was the dilemma faced by one SEO client in the property management niche. They were a
small, family-owned business competing with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and vacation rental
aggregators like

The Strategy

Onsite analytics revealed that some of the client’s best performing pages weren’t properly indexed
and were not showing up in any search engine results. These pages had the potential to rank for
keywords with high buyer intent. This lack of search engine visibility put the company at an even
greater disadvantage compared to their competition.

This issue was resolved and we rebuilt the internal linking structure to drive more traffic to these

The Results

The client’s organic traffic grew 26.7% year over year. The increased traffic proved
profitable quickly. Once the changes were implemented, an additional $50,000 in revenue was
generated during the client’s peak season months.


The Conclusion

It is possible for a small business to level the playing field and compete with bigger brands for
search rankings.

No matter the size of your company, SEO is a worthwhile investment and one that you can
continue to profit from for years. While you may not have the in-house resources to properly
optimize your site, outsourcing can be an effective alternative in terms of both price and the
results generated.

Learn How to Compete with Big Brands Using SEO