Autumn Influencing Designs | Clicks and Clients

Autumn evokes certain senses, it creates a very familiar and comforting picture in your mind, but most importantly, it is the season that welcomes creativity. While the routine deep color palette and outdoorsy theme will always be a staple, there much more to the autumnal inspired design. Let’s delve into exciting new trends we can expect to see this fall.


The concept of being eco friendly has taken the world by storm. Every company, artist, or design has implemented this glorious trend. Companies are reinventing the plastic that they historically would dispose of as waste. In terms of color, this autumn will continue the trend of more earthy colors as opposed to more deep and bold colors. Colors like green, blue, and brown can be seen as the forefront of almost any design. This trend can be considered a year round one rather than a seasonal one, and that’s great!


This autumn you can expect to see more retro color designs and color palettes. Specifically, the trend seems to go towards a 60s and 70s type of vibe. Designers and artists are capturing the visual aesthetics of each of these decades and adding a sense of novelty to them. Designs that have a retro aspect are complemented with bright colors. The bright colors to watch out for this fall are sky-blue and emerald-green.


On the opposite side of the spectrum from a retro design is a classical design. Both are equally popular this season. The classical color palette tends to use rich and deep colors-the ones typically associated with autumn. This season expect to see rustic designs everywhere. A classical theme is often complimented by prints and fabrics that offer quite a bit of intrigue. Prints and fabrics are becoming quite a trend in the digital design world, most prominently in the 3D design world.

While this trend guide was short and sweet, I hope you find inspiration for your designs this autumn.