2020 Digital Marketing Predictions | Clicks and Clients

Digital marketing is ever-changing and it can be quite overwhelming keeping up with all of the updates. As this year comes to a close, let’s take a look at predictions for 2020. I recently read an article by the Portland Business Journal that discussed what to look out for in the upcoming year in terms of digital marketing practices. I found it to be quite interesting and informative. So, here is a condensed relay of the information. If you would like to read about it in more detail, the article is linked above.

Trust-worthy Data

When digital marketing first came about, it was like Mars. There was excitement about the potential benefits, but there was also confusion about how to understand the process and what the results could entail. As of 2019, digital marketing has come a long way to increase accuracy and provide efficient results back to clients. 2020 predictions show that the data will be more refined in terms of reliance. Pro tip: Keep track of the data pre-campaign so you track whether it is effective or not.

How to Deal with Digital Fraud in 2020

It happens to all of us. 2020 marks the year of efficiency, so here are some tips on how to handle digital fraud.

Impression Fraud

What is it?: When your ad runs on a website with no content.

The fix: There are TONS of websites that help mitigate this issue. These websites do such a great job that impression fraud can be decreased to less than 2%.

Click Fraud

What is it?: When you notice that the amount of clicks is grossly higher than the amount of impressions on the ad.

The fix: Unfortunately this is less technology heavy, but can be easily fixed manually. The best way to fix this issue is to set up an IP exclusion list.

A very short and sweet guide to 2020 predictions, but I hope you can take this information and implement it in the upcoming year.