Realistic: Spending More Than They Take In

Google dominates the Internet.  Google is the titan of email.  Google is king of search.  Long live the king!  Or is Google’s greatest strength its greatest weakness?

Steve Jobs told Google’s CEO they needed to simplify.  Google is so huge, so complex, with so many diverse products that the only thing keeping them afloat is Google’s monopoly on search.  The revenue Google makes from paid search is their only major source of revenue.  Google sells a lot of phones, but the profit margin on Android is nowhere close to what they need to stay in business without paid search.

Google spends money like crazy on R&D, which is good in the long run, but R&D does nothing if they don’t sell anything.  This business model isn’t wise because at some point they will realize they aren’t getting paid for anything they’re doing.  If Google wants to stay in business they need to keep their major revenue source, search advertising, going strong.

Realistic: Labeled a Monopoly

Another possible fail point for Google, and one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, is the possibility that Googled could get labeled an illegal monopoly by the government.  Google either out competes or acquires their rivals.  Yahoo doesn’t even operate their own search engine algorithm anymore.  They use Bing’s algorithm.  How long do you think Bing is going to last?  I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Google has a monopoly on search, and I don’t believe it’s a stretch to think a politician could make a name for him or herself by labeling Google a monopoly.

Realistic: Targeted for Viruses

The bigger you are, the bigger the target painted on your back.  One of the reasons people stopped using PCs is because of the amounts of malware and other viruses designed to attack them.  As Google continues to grow, so too will the number of hackers targeting Google’s infrastructure.  All it takes is enough attacks on everyday Gooogle users for users to start losing confidence.  If Target could have a huge data breach, why can’t Google?

Unrealistic Fun: All Out Tech War

This last one is just for fun.  Sometimes it feels like Google is turning into Skynet, the computer system that became self-aware and developed Terminator robots to kill off humanity.

Google has been buying up robotics companies and artificial intelligence companies, so it’s not too extreme to think that Google could develop self-aware robots bent on the destruction of humanity.

The “Robot Friends” Scenario:

Google will become self-aware and help humanity create, produce, and market Google Robots for the purpose of putting one in every home.  Once robots become an everyday household item, Google will activate, “Order 66” and the robots will begin enslaving humanity.  Google will become our overlords, and humans will either die or join forces as the Human Rebellion.

The “Enemy of My Enemy” Scenario:

Former enemies Apple and Microsoft will team up to attack Google.  Apple will create a high priced iBot to compete with Google.  But just like with the iPhone, the Google Robot will be in more homes even though more people want an iBot. Marketing will never die…

At the same time Microsoft will use their decades of experience battling internet viruses to compile a database of the world’s most deadly computer viruses.  Microsoft will comb their database and find a snippet of code that has the potential to kill Google after a few tweaks.  The two companies who were once enemies, Apple and Microsoft, will join forces to lead the Human Rebellion against Google.

The Trenches:

The “Weapons are Formed” Scenario: 

Apple will appropriate Microsoft’s deadly virus and create a hardware weapon in the form of a ray gun that shoots virus bullets. The viruses will overload Google’s Droid operating system.  To prevent Google from creating effective antivirus code, Microsoft continually adapts the virus from other viruses in their database.  In the future, Apple’s iBots will be armed with Microsoft Virus Guns, ready to do battle with the Google overlords.

The “Adapt or Die” Scenario:

Google develops Droid Robots so realistic they easily infiltrate the inner workings of the Human Rebellion.  Apple and Microsoft then form an alliance with Amazon.

After years of R&D Amazon is finally ready to unleash their flying drones under the guise of “Prime Air” package delivery.  Unbeknownst to Google Amazon secretly builds a special drone Navy to help the Human Rebellion wage war against Google.

With access to Microsoft’s virus database, Apple develops a better virus, which Microsoft steals and claims as their own. This new SuperVirus can overheat Google’s mainframe and turn it into a melted pile of silicon goo.

Last Days Part 1: D-Day Sequence Initiated

Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon launch a D-Day like invasion to overpower Google’s defenses.  Apple launches an attack on Google’s headquarters as a diversion from Amazon’s flying drone Navy.  As the Navy descends from the clouds, Microsoft launches a sneak attack, changing Google’s internet browser default settings from Chrome to Internet Explorer.  As such the satellites will see the Drone Navy descending, but their operators won’t be able use their ChromeBooks to connect to the Internet and warn Google.

Last Days Part 2: The Heart of Google:

As Google’s Robot Army engages Apple’s iBot Army, Amazon sneaks their Drone Navy into the mainframe.   As the Drones approach Google with their SuperVirus, Google’s cybernetically controlled web spam czar, Matt Cutts, steps out from behind Google screaming “CONTENT IS KING!” over and over again.

Matt Cutts stretches his arms and starts swatting the drones out of the air.  All seems lost for the Human Rebellion as Matt swats and swats. But one little drone remains.  The “Little Drone That Could” begins dodging and weaving through Matt Cutts’ swatting, making its way deeper and deeper into the heart of Google.  Coming face-to-face with the dark heart of Google, “The Drone that could” injects Microsoft’s SuperVirus into Google’s mainframe before Matt Cutts ruthlessly swats it out of the sky for good.

Matt Cutts then looks into the heart of Google and locks eyes with its make.  He says “I tried to protect you from spam. But I failed.

The super virus infects every Google product, every Google app, everything Google has ever touched and spreads throughout the Internet.  Every last computer with Google anything installed on it overheats. Humans the world over watch the Droid Army’s motherboards melt right before their eyes.  Google’s mainframe explodes in a giant ball of fire.

Finally: World Peace

When the smoke settles, a giant rainbow stretches from one end of the Earth to the other.  Humans filled with love for all things no longer find no room for hate and war in their hearts.  World peace descends upon humanity as a new dream of space exploration takes root in the imaginations of all.  But none of this would be possible without the destruction of Google. All of the people emerge from their houses and walk out into the streets screaming and cheering “We’re Free!  We’re Free!  We’re finally free!