Hey folks, Austin here, and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (Let’s Wrestle Addition) .

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

The 5- Step Blueprint for Maximizing Your SEO Potential

By : Robert Glazer

It’s another one of those “ALL IN ONE” articles that like 500 words…  Actually it’s a little longer then that, but to tell you the truth the points Robert make are actually pretty good.  The reason is because he doesn’t rehash the same ole’ SEO 101 basics.  Instead of saying update your meta tags, he actually goes into things like conversions and the problem with the branding team having too much power!  I’ve totally ran into that more than a few times.  This article might be short, and it might not be ground-breaking but at the very least it’s not the same old stuff over and over again.


– Links to Tools


– Needs good case-study examples

Overall: Skim it


Social media Marketing: using LinkedIn and Slideshare for SEO

By: Justin Herring

Well this is a first!  Typing in “SEO” into Google actually brought up a blog post from LinkedIn!  Now looking into the frequency of Google posting LinkedIn blogs on the News SERP would be an interesting article in itself, but that’s not what we’re looking at here.  First, this article is an obvious ploy to help their website rank for “Atlanta social media marketing” by following the SEO rules of link placement from years past.  Second, this article does very little to actually educate you in the synergistic SEO relationship between LinkedIn and Slideshare.  Third, this article provides little to no explanation in how the linky-juicy juice of using the LinkedIn/Slideshare strategy actually helps your website, compared to other backlinking tactics.  Although it was fun to see an obvious-ploy to rank using an exact match anchor text link…it’s been awhile.


– LOL-ing over exact match anchor text link


– Boring

Overall: Skip It


How Google May Use Searcher, Usage, & Clickstream Behavior to Impact Rankings

by Rand Fishkin

Google got a new patent approved and it may have some interesting side-effects in the world of SEO.  Though it’s not an absolute algorithm update, it makes sense that Google would want to use it for the SERP.  In short big brands are going to get even higher rankings on the SERP, and Google maybe using click-through data.  Now not all folks in the SEO world will agree with Rand, but I for one do because Google has access to click-through data, and this data can be used to determine what people want to see and use.


– New patent could force better content


– White glasses allow you to time travel…..because you stare at them and before you know 5 minutes has gone by.