• Specializing In Adwords Accounts Over $50,000
  • Combined 46 years' industry experience
  • 6 Month Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee
  • Client Retention Rate of 95%
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Get help from a traffic expert you can TRUST!

Over the years, we've learned a lot. Not just about online marketing, but about business in general. Small business, big business, start-ups, legacy brands. Big budget, no budget.

Most web marketing agencies get it wrong! They focus on rankings or traffic, not revenue. Rankings and traffic are ok, but if your visitors don't convert into actual dollars it doesn't matter.

I'm committed to your success, and to prove it I've put together the best money-back guarantee in the business. If you don't get more revenue or more leads, I don't get paid!

Our philosophy and approach to doing business is rooted on a few core beliefs:

  • Talent: We've put together a team of experienced, talented and dedicated marketing and search specialists who take a personal interest in your business and your program. We've got years of combined experience working across industries, verticals and markets – you'll get big-picture thinking backed by real-world experience.
  • Technology: We stay current with technologies that help us monitor search trends, evaluate the competition, efficiently manage campaigns and report results. The tools we use give us the data and insights we need to make smart decisions about your program.
  • Innovation: Marketing (and especially digital marketing) is in a constant state of change. We know that what worked last year may not work this year – we like to challenge industry "best practices" and current methods. We look for new and better ways of doing things, in the context of your business.

If you're not happy with your results after 6 months of working with us, we'll give you your money back. Yes, all of it. We wouldn't want our grandma to be stuck working with an agency she didn't like, so we don't think you should either.

***In order for this to be beneficial for both parties, we require a current monthly traffic spend of at least $1,000 to apply for this consultation. Without a current traffic spend of at least $1,000, we won't have enough data to put our magic to work for you.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Paul Rakovich is a very sharp student of AdWords. I've watched him master the concepts and execute successfully in a couple of different businesses. He's also been on my 'recommended consultants' list for quite some time. An able and capable advisor."
    Perry Marshall | THE Adwords Guru

  • "My website is now the #1 source of new client traffic to my business. And I don't need to know squat about PPC personally. I would recommend Paul as a guru in the ever changing world of the search engines – particularly Google."
    Dr. Kami Parsa | Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgeon | Beverly Hills, CA

  • "From the first day he [Paul] made changes that saved me 20% on my wasted cost. He is informed, reliable and knows what needs to be done to get the best result."
    James C. J. Fairfield | MD FAAD

  • "We've seen an explosion of growth. Areas where we were operating at 1% conversion or less are now at 5%. This is only after 2 months! In the past we hired another Adwords management agency who could achieve no better results then our team at higher conversions...He goes above and beyond offering advice and ideas which we have incorporated into our site. His knowledge of marketing has helped up expand into other areas we would have never thought of entering."
    Bill Kingston | Crazydogtshirts.com

  • "Just a note to say thank you for the reports. I can hardly believe my eyes! – That we cut my adwords spend by 2/3 while maintaining my click through rate. This, along with your improvements you made to my keywords campaign, will allow me to expand much quicker than I had previously planned for. No wonder THE adwords king recommended you to me."
    Peter Stone | PeterStoneCopy.com

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