Paul Rakovich CEO-Founder

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Clicks and Clients began in 2003 when Paul Rakovich set up an online business in his garage. Within six months, the e-commerce site he set up to sell Tony Robbins CDs and DVDs was generating over $50,000/month in sales–all from paid search ads.

The skills and expertise gained in running his own online business set the foundation for Clicks and Clients. With a focus on performance-based marketing and ROI, Paul helps small and medium-sized businesses harness the power of online marketing to get leads and grow sales.

Clicks and Clients partners with successful CMOs / VPs of Marketing, CEOs and entrepreneurs who already have some measure of success with digital marketing but are frustrated with how to take things to the next level.

Paul’s thought leadership highlights his PPC expertise – he’s published white papers, blogs and articles for DuctTape Marketing, and

Best SEO & PPC Company in Denver

Why we think we’re the best SEO & PPC Company in Denver:

Our marketing principles are grounded in honest and effective promotion of your site.

Even today, many marketing companies execute their strategies with reckless disregard for the long-term effect they may have for their clients. In 2012, Google focused their efforts and cracked down on malicious activity designed to manipulate the search results. Throughout the year, an increasing number of companies found themselves abruptly losing traffic and visibility in search results because of the violations their SEO company committed when promoting their website.

“If Google stopped sending you organic traffic today, how long could your company survive without it?”

Google’s become well known for their swift and significant penalties they place on sites who do not adhere to their Webmaster Guidelines. For example, read what Google did to JCPenney, BMW and Clicks and Clients embraces these guidelines, refusing to partake in the high-risk strategies other SEO companies are lured into using that will ultimately harm the site’s performance.

As we set goals for each of our clients, we’re always looking for opportunities to bring in higher visitors and conversions on the short term but we know that we cannot forget our clients long term goals of building a reputable and authoritative site.

Other marketing company’s using tactics that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines may work in the short-term but are bound to fail in the long term. What’s more challenging, is that if your SEO company has caused your site to lose it’s search visibility, you’ll be faced with the challenge of both undoing all their manipulative work but also dealing with the significant loss of traffic and rankings.

Who Is Clicks and Clients?


Credentials and Certifications

Clicks and Clients is a Google AdWords-certified agency, and we have expertise working with Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook and display ad networks.

Vertical Expertise

We work with clients across many verticals and industries and are comfortable in B2B and B2C marketing, whether your business model is focused on e-commerce and lead-gen.



If you were hoping to find a rate card or just get a ballpark idea of what we charge for our services, we hope we didn’t disappoint you. Publishing rates and fees is tricky – since we offer different service levels, we’ll work with you to design a service package that fits your budget. Rest assured our rates are competitive – fair and standard industry pricing for all products and services.

What to Expect

When we start out, there are set-up fees to account for the time, resources and investment that we make in your program. Paid Search is typically priced as a percentage of media spend (fees decrease the more you spend) with a nominal management fee. SEO services are billed based on scope and complexity (if you have 10,000 SKUs, we may need to charge more). Conversion Optimization services are priced on scope and complexity, too, and in some situations, we’ll consider performance-based pricing incentives once benchmarks are established and your program is stabilized.Consulting services are offered on a retainer basis or time and materials 100% media cost transparency, no hidden fees or mark-ups.