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Reach young buyers with TikTok advertising

The video-based platform TikTok has a user base just north of 1.5 billion, making it the fifth-most popular social media platform in the world.

But what makes TikTok so powerful is who uses it. About 45% of all users in the United States fall are Generation Z, and they spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the app.

This makes TikTok an invaluable channel for connecting with young, influential consumers where they spend their time.


Ready to Fill Your Sales Calendars?

At Clicks and Clients, we’ve been doing lead generation on social media through the better part of the last two decades.

In that time, we have developed a battle-tested and versatile lead generation playbook.

Not only can we quickly zero in on your ICP, but we have the capabilities in place to rapidly launch and scale your campaigns.

Creative is King on TikTok

Anyone can advertise on TikTok, but not everyone can reach the platform’s discerning audience.

At Clicks and Clients, we excel in designing eye-catching, innovative content that stands out.

We leverage deep platform insights and cutting-edge trends to create ads that don’t just stop users from scrolling — they engage and convert.

"Before partnering with Clicks and Clients, our lead count was nearly negligible. We are now witnessing a significant influx of valuable leads, directly influencing our sales performance."

— Kurt Blazek
Design Director, TruScore

Business management consulting

You Need a Partner Not an Agency

The only way to successfully scale TikTok lead generation campaigns is through partnership and transparency.



We are an open book. You’ll always retain full control of your accounts with full visibility into our campaigns.



We’re not the type of agency you’ll only hear from once per month. We establish a proactive and ongoing feedback loop with our clients.



TikTok is on the cutting edge of social media marketing, and we continually monitor market trends and changes. This allows us to quickly capitalize on opportunities.

See how Clicks and Clients cut cost-per-lead in half with video ads

With eye-catching video creatives, we doubled a client’s conversion rate and slashed their CPL by half.

How We Work Together


We don’t automate our account management. Bids, budgets, and optimizations are managed by a real person, in real time, based on your data.


We’re transparent with your data. We do not “own” your ad accounts, your ads, your TikTok, or your Google Tag Manager accounts. This means you are free to check on the accounts and view the data whenever you please. Should you ever decide to part ways with us, you retain all of your accounts and assets.


We view ourselves as a partner and an extension of your marketing team. At Clicks and Clients, our service lines do not compete with each other for your business. We take a holistic approach to your business and our agency. If you are a TikTok client and we feel that your business goals would be better met by Paid Search, we’ll be the ones to tell you.

Every other week, our entire agency gets together to discuss our clients and how we can help them grow. Although you’ll be assigned one account manager, in reality, you’ll have nearly 20 marketing experts brainstorming on ways to better reach your goals.


Some marketing agencies lock you into inflexible, long-term contracts. We don’t. We know things change and sometimes they don’t work out. That’s why we offer flexible terms. All we ask for is 90 days at the outset so you can see what we can do and you can start to see results from your campaign.

Born in Denver, serving clients worldwide

We are based in beautiful Denver, CO, with members of our team working remotely throughout the United States. We have partnered with dozens of clients in the Centennial State since our founding in 2008 and have grown to serve clients worldwide.

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