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Search Engine Optimization Services

At Clicks and Clients, we understand there are more factors at play in your site's organic ranking than just the keyword. That’s why our search engine optimization specialists are constantly watching Google for any changes to its complex algorithm or other factors that can impact a site's ranking.

Starting with our discovery call, together we will review all of the important SEO factors that can impact your site’s organic ranking & online presence. From there, we’ll develop a complete, custom-tailored SEO strategy, create a detailed roadmap with your marketing goals in mind, and execute based on priority, level of effort, and level of impact.

We know your business growth depends heavily on online traffic, leads, and conversions and the truth is, without a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place, you won't be able to compete with the industry leaders in your vertical.

So if you’re ready to look beyond the keywords and start developing your strategic plan that will allow you to beat the competition, schedule your Discovery Call today.

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Getting Started with SEO

SEO is more than just keyword rankings. Here are 5 key factors that can help boost your organic ranking, click-through-rates, and ultimately conversions

Meta Description

This is the short description snippet that summarizes a webpage's content and is displayed in search results below the search terms. This is your first opportunity to get users to click through to your site

Page Title

The page title is one of the first ways Google determines the topic of your page. The page title is found by hovering over an open tab in your browser. This is a great place to target your priority keywords.

Indexing and Crawlability

Just like users read your website, Google reads your site too. It crawls, analyzes, and adds your page to its expansive index of webpages. Crawlability is simply a measure of Google ability to access and read content on a webpage.

On Page Content

This is quite literally the content on your webpage. This is where you can include all of the important factors for ranking in search such as images, videos, keywords, links to internal and external pages, etc.

Link Earning

Links are HTML code snippets that point to relevant and related content. This not only helps search engines understand the content on the page but links also provide a key to a page's relevancy to a particular topic.

3 Steps to Getting More Traffic for your Website


Develop Plan

Together we'll identify opportunities and craft a plan tailored for you


Discovery Call

Let's talk about your business goals and see if we're a good fit


Develop Plan

Together we'll identify opportunities and craft a plan tailored for you


Partner and Grow

With regular updates, we'll keep you informed on our actions and results

SEO Is a Long-Term Investment

Linking search engine optimization (SEO) to your long-term goals can be a struggle. Especially, if you don’t look at the various factors Google's algorithm considers when ranking your site.

Our search engine optimization services are time-tested with years of collective experience backing our recommendations and strategies. We understand your potential customers, how they are searching for your business online, and how to get your website in front of them at the right time.

There are many different foundational building blocks of a comprehensive SEO strategy - on-page, off-page, technical - that we will explore with you to find the best fit for your business goals. We can help you plan for long-term SEO success and long-term ROI.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us today!