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PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, sometimes called SEM or Search Engine Marketing, typically refers to paid search ads on Google and Bing. These ads capture the traffic that’s at the bottom of the sales funnel, making it a very effective marketing channel when managed correctly. PPC is constantly evolving and must be monitored and adjusted regularly.

At Clicks and Clients, we believe every client is unique. Starting with our discovery call, we’ll develop a unique PPC management strategy based on your business goals that will directly link our activities to your bottom line.

We know your business is complex. You may need new ideas and approaches to capture more online leads and sales. This is why we focus on understanding the big picture and helping you put all the moving parts in the right places, not into a formula.

Working together with you, we will develop a complete Pay-Per-Click management strategy, custom-tailored for your business – a comprehensive strategy that takes into account ALL the channels where your current and potential customers are actively looking for your services.

We’ll take the time to map and execute the PPC strategy into a specific marketing plan that achieves your business goals and gives you a clear line of sight into how our activities link to your bottom line.

Ultimately, our approach will save you both time and money. Which means, you’ll stop leaving leads and sales on the table and who knows, you might even get some props from the boss as well.

If you’re ready to stop leaving valuable leads on the table and learn more about our PPC management services, schedule your Discovery Call today.

You Need a Partner Not an Agency

As your partner our goal is to help you beat your competition so your business can grow like you think it should.



We monitor trends to ensure you are
always getting fresh strategies


Comprehensive Service

From setting up campaigns to
optimizing ad copy we do it all



Learn how our actions link
to your bottom line

What Sets Us Apart

We manage shopping ads on Google, Bing, Social, and Amazon and we offer feed management services to optimize your products for the best possible performance in each marketplace.


We don’t automate our account management. Bids, budgets, and optimizations are managed by a real person, in real time, based on your data.


We’re transparent with your data. We do not “own” your ad accounts, your ads, your Google Analytics, or your Google Tag Manager accounts. This means you are free to check on the accounts and view the data whenever you please. Should you ever decide to part ways with us, you retain all of your accounts and assets.


We view ourselves as a partner and an extension of your marketing team. At Clicks and Clients, our service lines do not compete with each other for your business. We take a holistic approach to your business and our agency. If you are an SEO client and we feel that your business goals would be better met by Paid Search, we’ll be the ones to tell you. Every other week, our entire agency gets together to discuss our clients and how we can help them grow. Although you’ll be assigned one account manager, in reality, you’ll have nearly 20 marketing experts brainstorming on ways to better reach your goals.

3 Steps to Grow Your Business in the Next 90 Days


Develop Plan

Together we'll identify opportunities and craft a plan tailored for you


Discovery Call

Let's talk about your business goals and see if we're a good fit


Develop Plan

Together we'll identify opportunities and craft a plan tailored for you


Partner and Grow

With regular updates, we'll keep you informed on our actions and results

Are You Leveraging All Pay Per Click Channels?

Although paid search typically has the highest ROI and most conversions, PPC is more than just text search ads. At Clicks and Clients, we utilize a full range of ad types to best reach our client’s goals. Ad types include:



Search campaigns seek to maximize your returns by using tools such as from Google Ads and Bing Ads. While these campaigns are effective at driving traffic, the question you need to ask is, is it the right traffic for your business?



Shopping campaigns promote your inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads. We manage shopping ads on Google, Bing, Social, and Amazon and we offer feed management services to optimize your feed for the best possible performance in each marketplace.



Sometimes called “retargeting”, this marketing tactic allows us to identify visitors to your site, sort them into segments, and continue to market to them based on their actions.



Video ads are a powerful branding tool that has the ability to increase your company’s performance across all channels. We’ll not only build and manage your campaigns, but our creative team can also assist you in creating the best videos that are optimized for performance.



We utilize advanced behavioral targeting to show your display and video ads to your exact target audience across the internet. Using IP address tracking, we can determine the true value of your display campaign by measuring view-through conversions instead of click-through only.