B2B Healthcare Software Company Gains Focus, Growth with Google, Microsoft Ads


B2B Healthcare Software Company Gains Focus, Growth with Google, Microsoft Ads

  • Data Clean-Up
  • Evaluating Customer Journey
  • Channel Expansion

The Story of a B2B Software Company

This software company originated in 2015 after the CEO found himself in a marketplace with limited options for a healthcare plan he would be proud to offer employees. Upon reaching out to Clicks and Clients, the healthcare software company was relying on an internal team member to manage Google Ads, tracking and landing page updates. Through some digging by the Vice President of Marketing at the healthcare company, the client approached Clicks and Clients with the following challenges:

  • Campaign structure and management concerns
  • Incorrect and inaccurate data representing forecasting, and other key business decisions
  • No plan or strategy to grow lead volumes

On the initial discovery call, Clicks and Clients offered advice on Google Ad management to encompass some basic account clean up. Clicks and Clients goal was to get someone in the account to properly manage, even if it was not Clicks and Clients.

Improved Tracking from 30% Accuracy to 95% in 6 months

This healthcare software company uses Hubspot as their main CRM, and was tracking 30% of Google Ads traffic. The other 70% was being counted as direct and organic search.

Clicks and Clients identified key tracking pieces missing, including Google Ads goals, Google Analytics goals and pixels being accurately placed on pages. The healthcare software company was not using landing pages, only website pages, which accounted for a longer load time not allowing the correct tags to fire.

After the above was adjusted, the healthcare software company started seeing tracking improvements and were able to successfully track 95% of all paid traffic sources.


Grew conversion rate on landing pages by 51%

The healthcare software client was anticipating receiving booked meetings from their paid efforts but had no customer journey for a user to book a meeting. Clicks and Clients worked to adjust the customer journey to include multiple touchpoints and a clear CTA.

Clicks and Clients also worked to create specific landing pages for paid efforts with limited headers and footers to encourage users to complete the CTA of booking a meeting. Booked meetings increased and overall conversion rates on the landing pages increased by 51%.


Introduced New Channels to Reach 3x the Customers

While working on proper Google Ads tracking, the Clients and Clients team also worked to complete accurate tracking across Microsoft Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn.

After initial data that presented clearer views of lead qualities, the Clicks and Clients team created audience segments for additional platforms and expanded campaigns starting with remarketing, and eventually prospecting.

Clicks and Clients was able to receive a qualified booked meeting for 52% less on social media than Google Ads.


Overall Results

Since the partnership between Clicks and Clients and this healthcare software company, we have increased qualified booked meetings by 147% year over year. Their sales team has expanded from 3 reps to 5, and has just hired 3 business development representatives to continue to expand their team to work the leads being brought in by paid media.

"Clicks and Clients came in and immediately were in the trenches with us. They went above and beyond to do what was necessary to start to successfully grow our business."

If you are a B2B Company looking to grow through lead generation, Clicks and Clients is the partner you will find invaluable.