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New Glamping Site Hits
Revenue Goals 3x Faster with
Digital Strategy & Boutique
Agency Than Prior Openings

Key Takeaways:

Used omni-channel approach across SEO, paid ads, and social

Test different methods early to create the most impactful campaigns

Drove bookings to new camps at a record rate (three times faster than usual)

YoY Google organic transactions were up +265% from Dec. 2018 vs. Dec. 2017

YoY Google organic traffic to homepage up +180%

YoY total page traffic up +153%

Opening a new luxury boutique lodging location is full of challenges—from staffing and construction to spreading awareness among potential guests and securing reservations. With so many factors to worry about, it can be difficult to focus enough efforts on properly marketing your business and generating interest.

Leave it to the professionals.

Our marketing experts may not be able to help make the beds, but we can drive reservations and increase profitability more quickly than projected with our strategic multi-faceted marketing plan, which utilizes organic and paid advertising along with social media campaigns.

While working with Clicks and Clients, an established glamping company reported

record-breaking full reservations three times ahead of schedule.

How did we do it?

The Omni-Channel Approach

Technology is ever-present in modern society, with consumers increasingly engaging across multiple channels and devices. This provides companies and marketers with exponential advertising opportunities, particularly because, according to Martech, 85% of travelers booked vacation activities on mobile in 2018, demonstrating the strong trend towards online and mobile bookings.

Potential travelers use the internet and social media to discover new destinations, read reviews, and compare pricing before converting, so it’s essential to have a presence on multiple media outlets. In 2016, 84% of millennial travelers and 74% of other-generation travelers were likely to book based on social media posts. However, in 2018, 34% of millennials actually booked based on social media-based content.

So, how do you measure results and decide which areas are best to allocate marketing efforts and budgets? By determining KPI for the following metrics:

Our Approach:

  • Spearheaded SEO efforts nine months prior to camp openings. SEO relies on organic search results that can take time to build but offer essential long-term benefits. Working on SEO in advance allowed CnC time to generate rankings for location and generate buzz about the impending opening.
  • PPC ads were implemented across multiple channels including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Programmatic Display. These paid advertisements worked to create consumer interest and garner a list of potential customers interested in learning more. By testing different imagery and messaging, we were able to pinpoint what resonated best for this particular location.
  • This client was new to social media advertising, which opened doors to unprecedented levels of interest and helped to quickly drive bookings.
  • As the opening date approached, we were able to use our preliminary testing to measure key metrics and boost direct reservations, thanks to the information on early interest.

With a multi-channel approach, we were able to not only ramp up early interest, but we were also able to use SEO, PPC, and social to earn a new camp revenue that the company typically doesn’t expect to see until after the camp’s third year in business.

CnC has expert-level knowledge to help every one of our customers meet their marketing goals through increased exposure and revenue. If you’re interested in working with a boutique marketing agency with the drive, skills, and resources needed to take your business to the next level, contact us today.

Customer: Under Canvas
Industry: Boutique Lodging
Founded: 2009
HQ: Bozeman, MT

Mission: To inspire connections with extraordinary places, people and the planet by enhancing access to the outdoors. Under Canvas has been recognized as the “perfect glamping experience” by Vogue and operates in locations from Montana to Maine.

Services Used: