It may be something we often overlook, but typography plays an essential part in the design process. Each logo we see is specifically designed with a font to fit the brand. Typography can change the entire look and feel of a design or advertisement, which is why typography is so important.

The number one thing it does is attract and holds the viewers attention. When a designer or individual uses typography correctly it can portray a certain mood or feeling. The viewers need to understand what message you are trying to send and be interested in it. Having the appropriate font sets the tone for your design before you even begin.

Using fonts that are clean and easy to read are key to any design. If the fonts are too small or cramped together, your presentation will be immediately ignored. It is fun to have a cool and complex design, but viewers should be able to easily comprehend what your design is trying to say.

As the famous quote says what is your “King of the Page,” in other words what is your hierarchy in your design; so there aren’t clashing elements like font placements and sizes. By using different font sizes and types of font, the viewers can determine the most important elements of your design just by looking at it. This makes it easier for viewers to follow along and pay more attention to your overall design.

It is also wise to remember not to include so many different fonts in one design. Rule of thumb in one single advertisement is no more than 3 fonts. Also keeping your fonts aligned and in proportion synchronizes your design and keeps it uncluttered.

The fonts you use in your design are the visuals that your viewers will remember most. You want viewers to be able to recognize your company’s brand at any place or time. Typography marks your company and is the one thing the viewer will identify with time and time again. Ultimately typography is important, but better yet the designer who incorporates typography in their design can make it stand out and communicate the message visually.