make the most of video - clicks and clients

The usage of video in advertisements has become the post prominent way to increase CTR. Think about it like this, when you see a post with no video or a very small visual you are engaged with it for less than three seconds. When you scroll to a video advertisement, you are likely to watch the full video. This exactly how it works for your audience. That being said, more often than not people abandon video advertisements due to it being visually unappealing or boring. Here are a couple of tips that will set you videos up for success.

The Structure

  1. Size and shape: You may be asking, what shape goes with what platforms?
    1. Landscape: This is traditionally used for television and film, but it’s not ideal for videos on social platforms. Most people access their social media platforms on their mobile device, so a vertical video is better as it matches the design of the phone.
    2. Vertical: This is the key to a viewable video. It is the perfect size at a 1:1 ratio. Buffer remarked that this format increased viewership by 30-50% and it increased engagement by 80%.
  2. Where?

The key is uploading a video directly on the social media site. While it is not very common in today’s world, it can be quite annoying to put a YouTube link on your social media platform rather than just uploading the video directly to the site. It is inefficient for the marketer because it can make tracking statistics difficult and it is also annoying for the potential consumer who would like to see the video.


  1. 3-Act Structure
    1. Act 1: Establish a problem. The viewer needs a way to connect with your advertisement. A good way to provide that is with a relatable problem. Ex. Is your car insurance too high?
    2. Act 2: How to fix the problem. This is where you shine as a marketing genius. Display your product and quickly run through the basics of fixing the problem that you mentioned in Act 1. Ex: Use our free online tool to find the right insurance for you. All you have to do is click the link which will take you through an easy survey. 
    3. Act 3: Problem fixed. After you have promoted your product or service, use the end of the video to discuss the success. I know it may be obvious, but always talk about success rather than failure. Ex. 95% of the people who have taken the survey have found it to lower their car insurance rate significantly!
  2. 60 Seconds

Though platforms provide different duration times for videos, it is imperative that you don’t drag it on for more than a couple of minutes. There are many other distractions that can divert their attention. This can be detrimental if you haven’t gotten your point across yet. So keep it short and sweet.

The Must Haves

  1. A Good Thumbnail: While it can be easy to rely on the description, the truth is that the thumbnail can make or break your viewership rates. 
    1. Eye-catching: A good still or picture can do wonders when it comes to attracting people. Remember, people won’t bother to read anything if they don’t have to, so your visual is your top base.
    2. Too Wordy: Don’t put too many words in the thumbnail. Like I mentioned before, people hate reading. If you decide to include words in the thumbnail, make it interesting. The key is to evoke a sense of curiosity within the viewer.
  2. Subtitles: If you have read through so far and said “I already knew this.”, pay attention to this bit of information. I have seen that some digital marketers think that subtitles are an extra item to add. That could not be further from the truth. People are using their devices in public. Often times, that means that their volume is turned down. Setting up subtitles allows anyone to view your video at any time or place. When you take subtitles away, you essentially taking away viewership. 

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful. Be sure to utilize them for your video advertisements. I am sure that with this information, they will be very successful.