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Like most college sophomores nearing the end of the school year, I was frantically searching for an internship for the summer. This prompted me to attend a school career fair in hopes that one of the recruiters may be interested in my resume. The night before, I planned meticulously for this fair by taking note of which companies were attending, what questions I was going to ask them, and making edits to my resume. As luck would have it, none of the companies I planned on speaking to were hiring at that time. Before I left for the day, I stopped by one last booth, Clicks and Clients. I spoke to my now bosses/coworkers Annemarie Wheeler and Jermaine Kelly about the fact that I was looking for an internship that would provide me with the experience to excel at future jobs. Their cool, yet professional demeanor really spoke to me. I immediately applied, and the rest is history. Clicks and Clients provided me with a fresh new perspective on a workplace as well as how digital marketing compliments businesses in the era of e-Commerce. I want to detail the skills and valuable ideas I acquired throughout the duration of this internship.

What Digital Marketing Means in the Age of the Internet

Prior to this internship, I really only thought that the extent of digital marketing was posting on social media platforms. Though I was partially correct, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work and effort agencies put in to maximize their clients KPI’s. Working on this internship gave me a closer insight into all of the moving parts of a digital campaign. In layman’s terms, I like to call it, “the circle of digital marketing”. The circle of digital marketing also represents the ever changing nature of digital platforms. A change in a platform’s settings or display can either enhance or hinder an advertiser’s progress. I learned that the hard way while QAing hundreds of ads. In a way, this internship gave me the opportunity to add digital marketing to my dictionary of knowledge.

A Sample of the Work I Completed

I want to provide an insight as to the kind of work that taught me the most.


  • QAing campaigns, ad sets, ads
  • Updating media plans
  • Creating the weekly newsletters
  • Working with creative studios such as Hootsuite, Asana, Facebook Ads Manager, Harvest & more


  • Working on the new website
  • Finding inspiration for new creatives
  • Implementing creatives into ads


  • Updating location radii on Google
  • Checking for the efficiency of websites
  • Creating instructions for companies on how to use their website


  • Creating ad copy
  • Updating campaign delivery times
  • Updating IP addresses to exclude

The Importance of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork does not go unnoticed, especially at a company like Clicks and Clients. As I mentioned early on how this experience reimaged my idea of a workplace, and I would like to say it once again. I was not expecting the fun “doug” vs “dawg” inside jokes, the Nerf gun fights, and creative lunch discussions. It was amazing to know that such an overachieving company can still be so jaunty. This quote exemplifies my experience at Clicks and Clients, “The people you work with are just, when you get down to it, your very best friends.” – Michael Scott, The Office.

As a college student with little to no experience prior to this internship, I can confidently say that this experience has changed me for the better.