Black friday email prep | clicks and clients

I wrote a blog post, not too long back, on how to make this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best yet. Well,before any other prep can happen, it’s important to ensure customer turnout. This goes for digital shopping as well as in person purchases. The best way to start gaining some attention for this holiday season is through emails. This enables consumers to be updated weekly about the new sales that are occurring on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are some quick pointers on how to successfully keep your consumers updated.

Give a Glimpse

Right now, a lot of brands and companies are sending out teasers of merchandise and sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is an excellent way to excite consumers about the new content you have to offer. It also helps consumers find what they want to purchase ahead of time. This is beneficial for them and you. When consumers know what they want to purchase, they spend less time confused on your website. This enables quick sales. But, there is a fine line between teasing and displaying everything. The fun of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that you get to peruse around and find new deals and items for the holiday season. By displaying all of your new content, you risk consumers losing interest and spending less time on your website. Remember, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great for new consumers and old consumers getting acquainted with your brand. Don’t take that away! 

Make it a Necessity

It’s important that you drive a certain sense of urgency within your consumers. They, like most of us, are probably just casually looking right now. But, this can be detrimental to your sales because it gives consumers the option to pass on your content. That being said, the best way to drive urgency is through incentivization. There are many ways you could incentivize such as, a free item for a certain amount of money spent, delivery fees waived, delivery timing faster, and much more. Here are a few examples that you could use:

  • Last day to save 50%!
  • Last day of Black Friday sales!
  • Order right now for free shipping!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are incredibly stressful for both consumers and brands. That’s why more and more companies are starting to extend their sales. It allows for greater purchasing with more ease. This is another way to incentivize customers to continue purchasing from you. By doing this, you are acknowledging their stress and acting on it positively.  

These are only a couple of ways to prep for this upcoming holiday season. I hope these tips will help you continue your prep for the season. If you haven’t started prepping, I would highly encourage that you start immediately as it is quickly approaching. If you would like to know more in detail, here is an excellent article.