2015-01-09_1642It’s not by chance that you may work for Facebook. It’s also not by chance that you may work in the sales department at Facebook. We (our online marketing agency) have gone through incredible lengths to reach someone at Facebook to secure a dedicated support representative to handle our high volume advertising agency.

I enjoy filling out forms and waiting 24 hours like the next person. But it’s come to the point this method of customer service will not work for us or our clients.

We managed to have a Facebook sales representative for 30 days during their “start-up” program and it was great. But it quickly ended and we, once again, submitted support tickets for breaking issues on clients who have upwards of $30,000 of daily spend.

So here we are.

After spending money on a paid traffic targeting employer: Facebook, Job Role: Sales & Marketing, creating a blog post, and crossing fingers … Will you please help us and assign a dedicated agency support representative to our account? I can be reached at curtis@clicksandclients.com

It would be much appreciated.