SEO Decision Making Dartboard 

I don’t know what’s it’s like at your office, but we internet marketing nerds here at Clicks and Clients love a good game of darts.  One day at the office we thought it would be awesome if somehow our morning dart games were incorporated into our daily SEO efforts.  So we built a dart board that acts like a decision maker dartboard.  As you can see below the SEO dart board does include a few black hat techniques….SOOoooo……we fully expect our clients’ rankings to go down.  Just joking 😉


To play the game place the SEO board on the wall with the bullseye 5 feet 8 inches from the floor.  Stand 8 feet away and throw three darts at the SEO dartboard.  Where those three darts land determine your workload for the day.  Just be careful though because those black numbers = black hat techniques, and obviously you want to aim at the white areas because they represent white hat techniques.

The rules are also on the board itself, but in-case you forget:

Blue “Bulls Eye” = Choose your own white hat technique.

Green = You lucked out!  Rethrow your dart!

Red = Ouch! Double the neighboring black hat technique.