Before Pokémon Go took over the news, video ads were the hype du jour of the marketing world.

Video is blowing up.

Video ads are crushing on Facebook.

Video consumption is skyrocketing.


And it’s all true. People are watching what can scientifically be described as a bajillion hours of video every day. But views don’t necessarily translate into sales and ROI. Likewise, distinguishing the kinds of videos consumers are watching is important, too.

It is fair to lump cute cat videos in with video ads when discussing video consumption? Can a commercial engage viewers the way a purely entertaining video does?

Video ads have their pros and their cons. Make sure you’re in a position to use the strengths of video to your advantage before including it in your Facebook marketing.

Viewers are buying

According to Adobe, shoppers that view videos are 1.8X more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.

But people can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forfty percent of all people know that.

At Clicks and Clients, we manage over $1 million dollars a month in social ad spend, and some of our top performing campaigns are video ads. In our latest case study, we examine the case of an e-commerce client who was profitably spending $10,000 a day on a single video ad.


Testing is key

It’s easy to simplify the results achieved in the case study above and conclude that anyone selling anything can 10X crush it on Facebook using video.

While it’s true that video ads can engage audiences and produce sales, it’s also true that creating a winning ad requires testing and optimization.

For our e-commerce campaign, we started out testing 30 different audiences before zeroing in on the three that produced the lowest cost per click.

Video ads are hot right now, but they’re still ads. Facebook is a massive platform that can deliver tons of traffic to your offers, but it takes time and effort to create ads that generate profits.

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